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2024 Scooter rally season is fast approaching. Don't be caught out, make sure you order your parts as soon as possible to ensure you get them in time.

Putoline E10 Fuel Fighter Product Code: Putff

E10 Fuel Fighter is a powerful fuel additive. Specifically developed to protect the fuel system against the harmful effects of E10 fuels, which contain 10% bio-ethanol. E10 Fuel Fighter compensates for the adverse effects and prevents engine damage. The product has the following properties:

Protects the fuel system against corrosionImproves the lubricating propertiesReduces internal friction in the engineReduces fuel consumptionCleans injectors and valves: ensures optimum combustion. Instructions for use:Add 0.1% to the petrol (25 ml for 25 litres of fuel)The special dosing system on the bottle helps you add the right quantity