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We are happy to announce that our shop is now open again to walk in customers.

We would remind you that due to following the government guidelines it is 2 PEOPLE ONLY IN THE SHOP AT ANY ONE TIME AND FROM FRIDAY 24TH JULY FACE MASKS ARE TO BE WORN WHILST INSIDE THE SHOP.

We appreciate that this is a trying time for everyone and would be really grateful if you can all cooperate with the guidelines, it's not just for us, it's for the good of everyone.

Thank you

Putoline FUEL STABILISER 150ML Product Code: PUTFS

Putoline Fuel Stabilizer 150ml Shot

Fuel Stabilizer is an advanced protection product specially developed for the fuel tank and the entire petrol injection system.

Fuel Stabilizer effectively preserves and protects against corrosion and deposits caused by oxidation products like E10 fuel during periods such as winter storage.

Helps your engine start up right away after extended downtime.

Fuel Stabilizer keeps the fuel system clean and protects the internal engine parts from rust.

Suitable for catalytic converters.

Add the entire contents of the bottle to a maximum of 20 litres of petrol before putting the engine into long-term storage. Rock the motorcycle back and forth so that the fuel and Fuel Stabilizer mix properly and let the engine idle for a few minutes.