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New In today
The Casa Performance Sandwich Reusable Chain Case Gasket, for Lambrettas S1-3, TV2-3, Special, SX, DL and Servetta.
The 1mm thick gasket is correctly dimensioned to Innocenti drawings and constructed with an aluminium central layer coated with PFM rubber on both sides to provide a better seal against gearbox leaks.
Find them on our website or in store RLCX20A £12.50

Carburettor SIP DSRC 30BS2Tconnection engine: 36mmconnection filter: 42/60mmdisc valverubber connectionNew DSRC carburettors from SIP Performance

These black DSRC carburettors have a pull choke. We use a 350 float needle valve in conjunction with a 50 throttle slide. The intake funnel with a 62mm connection width is perfect for large air filters as well as the connection of the original intake hose. The DSRC carburettors from SIP Performance have a basic tuning that provides a solid starting point for finding the right setup. However, the fine-tuning to match the corresponding engine setup must be carried out in each case by yourself and in each case engine-specific!


Conclusion: An inexpensive, high-performance carburettor that is perfect for mid-range tuning.