Easy Pull Clutch Conversion Product Code: CST845465

NOTE: If you are purchasing the standard case to be powder coated, please leave what colour you want it to be powder coated in the comment section when checking out your order. If you want to know what colours are available email us at website@chiselspeed.co.uk or ask us to contact you via email or telephone in the comment notes.

At last a clutch conversion for the standard GP crankcase side to make it much easier to pull in the clutch lever,even when you have super strong springs for aa heavily tuned motor.Because of the gear ratio on the shaft and pushrod this feels like a totally standard clutch to pull in and due to the same ratios actually depresses the clutch further for the same lever travel on the handlebars,meaning that drag in also much less likely.the effort needed is the same all the way in unlike a standard clutch which due to the cam action gets harder to pull the nearer you get to the bars.

The price is for the parts needed to carry out the conversion and also the labour and machining needed to modify the crankcase side.

You will either need to mail your side to us for converting or bring it into the shop for it to be done.

You can also select to purchase our 'pre-made' easy pull converted crankside