Important Announcement

We are happy to announce that our shop is now open again to walk in customers.

We would remind you that due to following the government guidelines it is 2 PEOPLE ONLY IN THE SHOP AT ANY ONE TIME AND FROM FRIDAY 24TH JULY FACE MASKS ARE TO BE WORN WHILST INSIDE THE SHOP.

We appreciate that this is a trying time for everyone and would be really grateful if you can all cooperate with the guidelines, it's not just for us, it's for the good of everyone.

Thank you

VE ACTIF EXHAUST PX200 Product Code: CST13324

The VE Actif Road Race exhausts are a class leading quality exhaust that is made for VE in Italy, they feature an expanding front pipe, modified internals, and enlarged 22.5mm tail pipe, all of which gives great power from the low revs and pulls right the way through the rev range, whilst remaining standard in looks and keeping the noise levels sensible. An ideal choice of exhaust for both standard and modified motors.