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This is our latest addition to the Mtech ignition stable from Chiselspeed.Same as with our original Mtech advance/retard box for ducati based Vespa and lambretta ignition systems it is produced in the UK by April Systems(producer of 2 stroke Grand prix ignition systems and other hardware such as detonation counters,powerjet controllers etc) to our specification for the new 12 pole Vespa ignition,which has in its standard guise a built in rev limiter preventing you getting the best out of you bike no matter how hard you try!

This unit does away with the rev limiter,whilst at the same time-due to a much stronger spark generator-gives you more power as well right through the rev range.As a major bonus it also has a second,programmable map installed which can be tailored to suit the fitting of aftermarket cylinder kits and tuning options letting you have the ignition curve programmed to suit the engine in your bike.It is a simple switch to swap from one to the other-no technical knowhow is needed.

Give your new VESPA PX 125 OR 150 the boost it's been waiting for and fit one of these beauties,it is a simple job requiring very little mechanical ability other than the drilling of 1x 6mm dia hole to mount the separate coil unit,total fitting time 15 mins.

MtecV instructions can be downloaded from the link below: