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New In today
The Casa Performance Sandwich Reusable Chain Case Gasket, for Lambrettas S1-3, TV2-3, Special, SX, DL and Servetta.
The 1mm thick gasket is correctly dimensioned to Innocenti drawings and constructed with an aluminium central layer coated with PFM rubber on both sides to provide a better seal against gearbox leaks.
Find them on our website or in store RLCX20A £12.50

MTECH-Pro CDI & Ignition Coil Product Code: CST015AK

The Chiselspeed Mtec Pro is a step forward in the Lambretta Ignition world. This is one of the first fully customisable ignition units on the market. This unit is able to be fitted to any standard 12v Ducati style ignition and has the ability to loaded with a personalised ignition curve map to suit the barrel, exhaust and tuning in your particular engine. Advantages in smoothing out ignition curves, creating more useable power for longer across the RPM range, and ensuring safe ignition timings at high RPM are some of advantages of these units.

Several ignition maps have already been developed for a series of barrels and combinations on the market including, Mugello 198 Ultimate, Casa 198, TS1 225, Quattrini 210 TV, Quattrini 244 etc.


== Compatability List ==

Lambretta GP 125

Lambretta GP 150

Lambretta GP 200

Lambretta LI 125 Series 2

Lambretta LI 125 Series 3

Lambretta LI 150 Series 2

Lambretta LI 150 Series 3

Lambretta SX 125

Lambretta SX 150

Lambretta SX 200

Lambretta TV 175 Series 2

Lambretta TV 175 Series 3

Lambretta TV 200 & GT 200

Vespa Cosa 125

Vespa Cosa 200

Vespa ET3

Vespa P 200 E

Vespa PK 100 S

Vespa PK 100 XL

Vespa PK 125 S

Vespa PK 50 S

Vespa PK 50 XL

Vespa PX 80/125 E

Vespa PX 125 E

Vespa PX 125 EFL

Vespa PX 150 E

Vespa PX 200 E

Vespa PX 200 E Disc

Vespa PX 200 EFL

Vespa Rally 200

Vespa T5

Vespa T5 Classic