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Chiselspeed Advance/Retard Unit Product Code: CST015

The Chiselspeed Mtec is the only “plug and play” 16-map ignition retard unit on the market. The unit has been designed by Martin Cook. The series of curves installed in the unit have been developed so that there will be one to suit the majority of machine setup. The advantage of ignition retard units is that advancement of your timing, set statically, allows for good low RPM drivability but ignition retardation at high RPM ensuring safer ignition timing as well as good BHP and Torque.

This is the perfect addition to any tuned machine, ensuring you get the most benefit from your set up with ignition safety, what more do you need!

== Compatability List ==

Lambretta GP 125

Lambretta GP 150

Lambretta GP 200

Lambretta LI 125 Series 2

Lambretta LI 125 Series 3

Lambretta LI 150 Series 2

Lambretta LI 150 Series 3

Lambretta SX 125

Lambretta SX 150

Lambretta SX 200

Lambretta TV 175 Series 2

Lambretta TV 175 Series 3

Lambretta TV 200 & GT 200

Vespa Cosa 125

Vespa Cosa 200

Vespa ET3

Vespa P 200 E

Vespa PK 100 S

Vespa PK 100 XL

Vespa PK 125 S

Vespa PK 50 S

Vespa PK 50 XL

Vespa PX 80/125 E

Vespa PX 125 E

Vespa PX 125 EFL

Vespa PX 150 E

Vespa PX 200 E

Vespa PX 200 E Disc

Vespa PX 200 EFL

Vespa Rally 200

Vespa T5

Vespa T5 Classic