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New In today
The Casa Performance Sandwich Reusable Chain Case Gasket, for Lambrettas S1-3, TV2-3, Special, SX, DL and Servetta.
The 1mm thick gasket is correctly dimensioned to Innocenti drawings and constructed with an aluminium central layer coated with PFM rubber on both sides to provide a better seal against gearbox leaks.
Find them on our website or in store RLCX20A £12.50

Chiselspeed CST 3 Rally/Touring Product Code: CHISCST3

The CST 3 has been developed by Martin Cook to be the ultimate road touring expansion pipe. Developed to suit any cast exhaust style stub barrel on the market. We have seen nothing but gains in torque as well as usable power when fitting these exhausts. The maximum torque and power is seen at low RPM and is held up until the end of RPM range of this exhaust which is around 4000 to 7500 RPM depending on your barrel. The exhaust is the perfect balance between good horsepower and maximum torque. Suitable for any after market barrel on the market or for someone who wants more out of their standard barrel. Not only that but they are Hand Made here in Britain! Looking for a touring road exhaust that still means you have the power to get past those other slow users then this is the pipe for you.

Suitable for TS1/ Monza/Imola/Mugello/Casa SS225/SS200 and SS254/Casa 200(X1a)/Casa186(X1)/ Gori/ BGM racetour195 and 225/  SCUDERIA LAMBRETTA VELOCI 5 PORT 200cc/  standard CAST Cylinders and the range of GT kits from 186 to 240.

before you complete your order you should make sure to select the correct manifold for the cylinderyou have fitted,if you are in doubt as to which one you need then please contact the shop on [email protected] or by phone on 0044 113 2811052

Before selecting your muffler of choice we recommend checking stock levels for the specific muffler before submitting your order.