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BGM Pro Superstrong CNC Clutch Cover - Black Product Code: BGM8293B


The BGM PRO clutch cover is CNC machined from the solid and offers the following advantages

LARGER - Therefore plug & play mounting of all oversize Sport/Race clutches

INTEGRATED OIL FE ED - The clutch separator is perfectly lubricated

AVAILABLE FOR TWO MOTOR TYPES - Vespa Largeframe 1958-1962 as well as 1962-2016

The BGM PRO clutch cover is the professional solution to assemble a modern CNC clutch quickly and easily. The cover has been fundamentally redesigned and is optimally designed in terms of both internal diameter and overall depth.
NOTE: The cover requires the one-piece clutch arm as used by Piaggio from the VBB2 models since 1963 up to the PX models. The old two-piece (wide) clutch arm of the VNA; VBA, VNB1, VGLA and VBB1 models does not fit. Here please use the PX clutch arm (see accessories).

A unique feature of the BGM PRO clutch cover is the integrated oil guide for lubrication of the release bearing. When a stock clutch cover is modified by turning/milling to make it fit a CNC clutch, the stock release bearing lubrication oil guide is often removed in the process. With the BGM PRO cover is space for any type of clutch and yet the release bearing (separator and pressure plate) is perfectly lubricated. The cover is therefore the perfect complement for all BGM PRO Ultralube clutches, but is of course also beneficial for any other clutch type.


BGM8293S / BGM8293B Vespa large frame models (1958-1962)

The engine cases of the first Vespa Largeframe models are flatter from the distance between the sealing surface of the clutch cover to the bearing seat of the crankshaft. Finding spare parts for the early design of the flat clutches of these engines is becoming more and more difficult and the clutches are often already overloaded by a small increase in power. The BGM Pro clutch cover for these engines is designed significantly higher than the standard one. It allows without further modifications the use of the so-called PX/Cosa clutch types and also here directly the reinforced CNC versions. Thus, these engines can be easily converted to a modern and stable clutch technology. The standard thin (1.5mm) washer is still used.