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Casa Performance MULTI-SPLINE super-safe layshaft axle!

This has been manufactured with safety in mind and is designed for use with the Casa Performance 'Octopus' rear hub RLCX74. The reason for the multi-splines design is to eliminate the poor original Lambretta split-cone set-up and with this layshaft you also no longer need to use a puller to remove the hub.

The threaded section has been increased from 16mm to 18mm to eliminate all possibilty of the threaded section snapping, as has occurred with original Lambretta layshafts in extreme use. The layshaft is FORGED and materials used and machining tolerances all match Innocenti blue-prints. You will not find better, period.

This layshaft is perfect for use with both 4 or 5 speed gearboxes. 

To utilise this layshaft, you will need the following parts: RLCX74 Octopus rear hub, RLCX76A Special rear hub with 18mm thread, RLCX74A Special rear hub bearing with larger inner track (this is not 100% neccessary but is strongly advised)

Please note that as there is no cone used on the Octopus, torque settings are less than a standard Lambretta. Tighten the nut to 85ft/lb - 115nm.