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We are happy to announce that our shop is now open again to walk in customers.

We would remind you that due to following the government guidelines it is 2 PEOPLE ONLY IN THE SHOP AT ANY ONE TIME AND FROM FRIDAY 24TH JULY FACE MASKS ARE TO BE WORN WHILST INSIDE THE SHOP.

We appreciate that this is a trying time for everyone and would be really grateful if you can all cooperate with the guidelines, it's not just for us, it's for the good of everyone.

Thank you

Aluminium Flywheel Fan for Casatronic Ignition - Blue Product Code: RLCX49R

This stunning aluminium flwheel fan has been devoloped and produced by Casa Performance for the Casatronic ignition systems. This is a direct plug n' play replacement for the plastic fan supplied with the ignition kit as standard. 

The main advantages of this aluminium fan are; 

- it's made of a stronger material and therefore less prone to cracking / breaking up on powerful engines, as it has a much higher resistence under extreme conditions 

- MASSIVELY increased airflow characteristics (this fan produces up to 25% more airflow at most rpm) offering a HUGE reduction in the running temperature of your cylinder making it a MUST-HAVE option for riders who use their scooters at high speeds / rpm for prolonged periods. We measured the airflow on a tuned Casa SS225 engine and (example) at 7500rpm the airflow speed was increased from 84kph to 108kph. Remember, more airflow = lower running temperatures = a more efficient engine. 

- despite the fact the airflow is increased, the air-drag coeffecient is the same as the plastic fan and there is no drop in the engine power output. 

- this fan looks the absolute business.