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SS240 'Safe Tourer' engine unit (supplied partially assembled) with blue anodised parts Product Code: RLCX202TB

After countless tests and trials, we have found that the SS225 kit gave incredible results when coupled with a 62mm stroke crank and the CasaCase engine casing. The engine is mental : it has loads of torque, pulls really well from low down the rev range and its FAST! This is the engine that would take you to the moon and back - and it's LOADS of fun! In our own engines we fit a Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox and a Protti but you can choose to fit what you prefer. That’s why we are supplying these partially completed, with the crank, main bearings & oilseals and cylinder kit already fitted. You just fit your transmission and ignition of choice, fine tune the carb for your environment and you're sorted!

The SS240 'Safe Tourer' engine comes complete with these parts : 

1 x complete CasaCase engine casing kit (blue anodised parts)
1 x 62mm stroke crank (fitted)
2 x crankshaft bearings (fitted)
2 x crankshaft oilseals (fitted)
1 x Casa Performance gearbox endplate
1 x complete Octopus 8 stud rear hub + multi-spline layshaft kit
2 x silentblocks (fitted)
1 x Dell'Orto 34mm carb (ready jetted)
1 x complete latest spec S225 kit with 'Radiale' cylinder head (fitted)
1 x small end bearing (fitted)
1 x Casa Performance ‘OTT' Top chain guide
4 x 8mm cylinder studs (fitted)
1 x bearing track for Casa Performance gearbox endplate
6 x 7mm gearbox endplate studs (fitted)
1 x set of gearbox needle bearings