Casa Performance reinforced steel gearbox endplate Product Code: RLCX159

Casa Performance has just produced these stunning reinforced steel gearbox endplates for all Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP DL + Serveta models. Although these were initially designed for the CasaCase engine casings, they will fit ANY Lambretta engine casing. 

These are made from VERY strong special high-grade steel and have several advantages over original Lambretta gearbox endplates, including : 

- these are much thicker and therefore stronger than original endplates
- unlike the cast iron originals, these will not crack when under extreme stress
- these are new so you no longer have to use 50 year old parts that have been beaten to death
- they have FOUR strategically place 6mm threaded holes for extraction (see pics). Unlike original parts, these can easily be EVENLY removed, thus avoiding possible damage to the other gearbox components such as the needle bearings and gearbox cluster
- each endplate is supplied with 2 special 'stepped' locating dowels that completely eliminate any possibility of the dowels themselves coming out into the gearbox
- These are the first non – GP / DL type gearbox endplates to be commercially available since the closure of the Spanish Serveta factory several years ago.

The endplate is supplied without the needle bearing bush Item: 855, or bearing M208z. (The CNC'd CP logo has been painted red for demo purposes only in the pics).