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Master cylinder for SINGLE DISC hydraulic brake X130 Product Code: RLCX146

Casa Performance - This is the master cylinder for Casa Performance (single disc) brake X130 for Lambretta S3 + GP DL + Serveta models.

This is a VERY powerful but FULLY modular unit that has plenty of 'feel' yet has a stopping power second to none.  When combined with the Casa performance ali handlebar mounts, this is the neatest, most compact master cylinder & switch housing set-up you'll ever set eyes on, period.
Please note that this uses an 8mm size banjo connection. If you intend to use this master cylinder with a different manufacturers brake unit, you will either need to purchase our special hydraulic hose with 'mixed' 8mm & 10mm connections Code No. RLCX131 or make up one to suit the size of your brake