Dellorto PHBH28 Product Code: PHBH28BS

The DELL'ORTO PHB series carburettors are the first choice for the area of midrange tuning. They belong to the drum carburettor category (rounded throttle slide) and are available for smallframes (PHBL) and largeframes (PHBH) with a 24-30mm outlet. The DELL'ORTO PHB carburettors are also the right choice for everyone who wants to get the best possible performance from their scooter at the lowest possible expense.

Their design is more complex than on the SI or SHB but the DELL'ORTO PHB carburettors also have more room for individual settings. These can be made with a sensible combination of slide (available with different cutaways), needle, calibrator and jets from the wide range of DELL'ORTO products. The carburettors that we supply have a basic setting which enables problem-free installation. The fine tuning to suit the corresponding engine has to be completed by the individual and specific to the engine in question!