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FROM 4/12/2021 TO 12/12/2021


Casa Cyclone PRO 5 Speed Gearbox complete kit Product Code: CYCLONE5S

The revolutionary new 'Cyclone 5 Speed' complete 5 speed gearbox kits for Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP / DL and Serveta models from Casa Performance, this is the Cyclone 5 Pro.

They have made a lot of modifications to the design and this has greatly improved the gearboxes in almost every aspect. They have much better lubrication both between the actual gear cogs and for the cluster needle bearing. Unlike all the predecessors, the actual gears are now all full-width (i.e. with no spaces between each other) on the cluster with these same cogs are interlocking between each another. The loose cogs are also much wider. Every single tooth is also individually surface-machined .The appearance of the Cyclone 5 Pro components is also much brighter as everything is subjected to a special surface treatment leaving it all gleaming. The end result is that these Cyclone gearboxes are now much stronger, much quieter in operation and super-smooth in operation compared to anything produced to date.

Make no mistake, these Cyclone 5 Pro gearboxes are the absolute business

They are what we use to power the 'Casa Lambretta Racing Team' scooters and one was fitted to Luca Zani's scooter that won the mentally-hard-fought 'Group 6' category in the 2016 British BSSO Championships. 

These add enjoyment to using your Lambretta ten-fold. Once you've tried a Cyclone 5 Pro gearbox, you'll NEVER want to go back to a 4 speed box. Guaranteed. 

The Cyclone 5 Pro gearbox kit includes the following parts:
5  x  loose gear cogs
1  x  gearbox cluster
1  x  sliding dog gearbox selector
1  x  set of large 1st gear shims

The set of small shims (Code : X160j) previously supplied is no longer supplied. This is due to the fact that the Cyclone 5 Pro cluster must be fitted without a shim either top or bottom and the other shims were used to compensate for oddball manufacturing measurements of other manufacturers layshafts and we recommend the use of our layshafts only for perfect alignment.