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RZ MK1 RACING EXHAUST R/H Product Code: CST250400

Racing Exhaust RZ Mark One for Vespa P80-150X/PX80-150 E/Lusso/'98/MY/Cosa 1
black CERAMIC COATED, stainless steel silencer, right hand,fits wide tyre,
SPORT-TUNING, high-performance & roadworthy


The “RZ Mark One” represents the most powerful expansion chamber exhaust system that the pipe-guru Jim Lomas has ever produced for the VESPA PX range. This righthand exit exhaust system can tickle an extra couple of horses from motors that leaves lefthand exit systems behind (you). But beware of the sudden avalanche of power delivery! The silencers location, protruding from underneath the gearbox ensures a guaranteed eye catching extra to any PX motor setup. The (more) flexible spring connections between the exhaust manifold, expansion chamber and silencer unit help to absorb unwanted knocks and consequent damage to the exhaust system. Although this exhaust can be mounted to older VESPA models such as SPRINT or RALLY etc., it is made complicated by the lower side panel design and so requires a little modification during fitting and lots of patience!

The impressively peaky performance that the “RZ Mark One” offers, demands a lot of control and rider involvement. Maximum power delivery occurs between 5000 and 6000 rpm. The on/off switch performance can be stressful around town but an absolutely ideal power band for road and track quarter mile sprints :-). , the ideal playground for fun with this pipe! With the more moderately tuned, road going motor set ups the fitting of a shorter 4th gear has proved useful. If your set up includes a professionally ported MALOSSI 210cc,a high end Low Primary Compression crankshaft, a MMW reed valve manifold assembly and a decent carburettor of at least 32mm diameter ,the RZ pipe can easily cope with taller transmission ratios to deliver a higher end speed. The "RZ Mark One" is also ideal in combination with the POLINI 208cc,with it's delivery of power lower in the rev.range and more moderate port timings, so avoiding a too rapid rev increase and over revving.