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SIP ROAD XL P200 Product Code: CST241620
Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD XLfor Vespa 200 Rally/P200E
/PX200 E/Lusso/'98/MY/Cosa
steel, black,
fits wide tyre, large exhaust
ROAD-TUNING, for everyday use
& reliable


Following a development period of several years the SIP Road exhaust range now has another generation. After dominating the large-frame touring exhaust market the time has come to challenge the most powerful pipes on the block, traditional racing exhaust systems with separate silencers, your dominance is over!

The introduction of the SIP Road XL relegates this class of exhaust to the optical type of tuning. If ever an exhaust deserved the term, the SIP Road XL is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing. This pipe resembles the original item so closely most have to look again to guess its true heritage and potential. It has enormous internal dimensions, very similar to the volume of most bazooka style expansion / silencer type systems. The SIP Road XL is assembled using a double-walled construction. It has been designed with a layer of silencer wool between the solid outer and inner perforated layers of steel to ensure that this exhaust sounds as unobtrusive as it looks. This advantage keeps the neighbours happy while avoiding unnecessary attention from the authorities or your local ear doctor following longer tours on your Vespa.

The performance delivery we have achieved with the SIP Road XL is something we are especially proud of. The XL creates extra power over the complete rev range and also enables higher revs – normally only possible in combination with a SIP Performance, PM, RZ expansion chamber or similar. This enables overtaking in all conditions and makes high speeds possible, without any dangerous tailgating of lorries on the motorway while lying flat over your scooter!

The full power potential of the SIP ROAD XL really comes into its own on motor set ups with 20 hp and more. The results it achieved on various SIP test scooters certainly raised a few eyebrows! A POLINI 177cc cylinder with a 60mm con-rod crankshaft, 28mm carburettor and a YAMAHA RD 350 reed-valve manifold produced 20.9 hp in combination with the XL. One of our scooters fitted with a MHR cylinder, 60mm con-rod crankshaft, 34mm PWK carburettor and a MMW reed-valve manifold was capable of producing 28.3 hp, both measured at the rear wheel! This makes the XL equivalent to the SIP performance 2.0, completely eclipsing other box-style exhaust systems on the market and is 4 hp more powerful than our very own SIP ROAD 2.0 touring exhaust.

This high performance potential deserves its combination with an after-market race cylinder. The manifold can be attached to the outlet stub on the cylinder with a traditional clamp or a spring system and scooters with eight inch wheels will require an upgrade to ten inch items.

Tip: When the position of your exhaust outlet on the cylinder has been changed, mostly due to a crankshaft with an increased con-rod length being fitted, you may experience difficulty while attempting to fit the exhaust due to the cramped conditions. This can easily be remedied by enlarging the exhaust manifolds mounting holes by between 3 and 5 mm. The exhaust is then easier to position over the exhaust studs on the cylinder and solidly fasten.

Conclusion : This system delivers the performance of the larger 'SIP Performance' exhausts, with the discreet appearance of the SIP Road 2.0, its little brother in the range.


Performance exhaust / five segment manifold / XL version

Steel construction, voluminous five segment manifold section, strengthened attachment bracket, heat-resistant paint, plug & play!

Wide tyre mounting, spare wheel and main-stand compatible. Older Vespa models require minor main-stand and exhaust bracket modification. If you wish to fit this exhaust system to a Vespa largeframe model, such as a Sprint, Rally, VBB or similar, the mainstand may require slight modification to avoid fouling!

As always, for safe and enduring use of this exhaust both the jetting and the ignition timing must be checked / modified before use.